Margot Lovinger


Born and raised in Boston, my interest in art started at an early age. Attending weekend workshops and classes at local art associations and at the Museum of Fine Arts furthered my enthusiasm. After high school, I enrolled in art school at Parsons School of Design, in New York City. After two years as a sculpture major in their fine arts department, I transferred to the Museum School in Boston, where I completed my education and earned my BFA in 1993. After many years in Boston, and a few years in Los Angeles and Seattle, I moved to Eugene, Oregon, where I presently live and work.         

The experimental environment of the Museum School encouraged me to follow my interest in creating art from fabrics. My work started with "story quilts" that were interactive, and required the viewer's participation to reveal the full narrative. Other types of quilts and fabric compositions followed, often experimenting with new materials and textures. Though I was always fascinated by figure painting, (particularly the works of the renaissance masters, such as Caravaggio) the medium frustrated me, and most of my paintings showed this. Eventually, my interest in the textures and techniques of sewing merged with my fondness for the rich colors and imagery of figure painting, and I began creating these sewn, layered fabric portraits. I have been working in this technique for about 12 years. 

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In my work, I concern myself almost exclusively with the human form, choosing subjects who interest me on a variety of levels, and creating portraits that seek to go beyond the surface image of my models.  My technique, which employs layers upon layers of sheer fabrics to create the completed image, echoes the idea that each one of us is not simply whole as we present ourselves to the world, but composed of multiple layers of our personalities, feelings, histories, and life experiences.